You love where you live, and we do too.

That’s why United Way tackles issues linked to poverty and social exclusion through strategic leadership, advocacy, and investments in local programs proven to get results.

Your ticket purchase will:

  • Provide basic needs like emergency food, hygiene supplies, diapers and baby formula close to home. With your support, 33,443 people in our community accessed United Way funded basic needs programs last year and 4,250 children and youth from low-income families increased their access to healthy food.
  • Help residents maintain mental wellbeing, social connection and safety. Last year, 25,790 residents said they felt less lonely and more connected to their community after participating in a United Way funded program.
  • Ensure individuals and families who have experienced or been affected by intimate partner violence get help in our community. Last year, 541 people accessed support for intimate partner violence at a United Way funded program and an additional 179 parents increased their coping skills.

United Way is committed to putting your dollars to work in the most effective way possible. Your contribution stays 100% local. Always.


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